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Ten, 10, things you should know about Google Fiber in the KC’s.


There is an element to the economy of Red Bluff and Tehama County that should not be over looked as we go forth with the branding project: county wide super high speed Internet, also known as Gigabit speed Internet.

Gigabit speed is 1800 times faster than 56kb, or the fastest dial up speed.  Speed is king and it drives your access to the Internet and ultimately your desire to do business, entertain yourself, or answer a question and do research online.  Don’t underestimate what speed will do for you.  It is not just about getting it done faster, it is also about getting it done efficiently.  Imagine an Internet that does not lag, slow down or cause some questionable activity the way it does now.

The importance of speed is also about doing business.  For any of us that work remotely this means a cleaner interface with those computers that we interact with that are across town or across the country or in a different country.

As we move into the next ten year period we will find that we are doing more and more in the cloud.  It is very possible that at some very near date that our very own personal computer will be mounted in the cloud and we will have very little hardware on hand to breakdown.  In that scenario when we get a virus stopping it will be as simple as to remount a new computer in the cloud, transfer our personal or business data and then delete the damaged one, just as we do with an unwanted document now.

The future is now. Two years ago I was saying that the Internet, after twenty years, has finally been delivered.  As we have imagined it, it has, but as we can imagine it now, that new future can be delivered in just a couple of years.  The advantages to what might come next is up to the developers.  Wouldn’t it be nice for Red Bluff and Tehama County to be ahead of the curve, capitalize on it and use that income to invest across future advantages and  opportunities.

Tehama County  has already been taking advantage of the internet to provide services to their citizens, though often with less than perfect results.  Current Internet subscribership is often not available or unaffordable to those who need it most.   With Gigabit speed and better saturation we really could have no student left behind.  By introducing scholarships and providing on demand Internet service to school age children in the outlying areas we could close the gap of those who have to travel and those who can study in the comfort of their own homes.

When the Red Bluff School District was looking for new ways to solve financial strain eScholar  Academy was created to solve several problems.  One room school houses that our fathers grew up in were becoming  too expensive to maintain.  Between bussing and maintaining the infrastructure of these small satellite educational facilities, costs were growing out of control.  eScholar Academy came into existence providing education through the power of the Internet, helping our remote students get an education as well as our kids at risk for failure in brick and mortar school environments.

Medical communication is another area where we could provide services yet to be employed.  For instance at home monitoring for those sick enough to need care but not ill enough to require hospitalization potentially reducing expenses.  The miracle of modern medicine could be extended in more ways than can be imagined in both care and collaboration.  Again Gigabit speeds would not only allow for the potential of better care but would lend itself to the creation of new unimagined care, innovative services and advancements in medical procedure because when things work better and with efficiency you can depend on them.  As the Internet becomes truly reliable intricacies of procedure can become more delicate.

We have one of those opportunities that doesn’t come around very often.  By introducing Gigabit speed now, while it is unique, Tehama County can  take advantage of selling and promoting itself to businesses that will put our county back to work the way it used to be.

Or we can wait to catch up to the rest of the world after it has happened elsewhere.



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