Virus Scanner Tool

For my Clients who have Panda Cloud Office Protection, it is advised that you use the Panda stand alone active scan cleaner.  It is very simple to download and use.  Click on the word Panda and it will start downloading.

The steps are shown below, but it is self-explanatory, you will have no trouble using it.  I have found that I might run it two or three times in order to remove everything that might be infecting my computer.  Review the steps and then click on the word Panda and follow the steps to clean your computer of viruses.

If you have been attacked by one or more viruses, then follow the prompts to remove the various infections.  Be sure to run the program again and let it update every time you run the Panda Scanner Tool.  If you found some viruses they probably blocked a proper up date to transpire.  Run the tool and update before each use until your computer becomes clear of all infections.  I can’t stress this enough.

If your computer is significantly infected the Panda Scanner Tool will not be able to clear or remove the infections.  In this case call HARD DRIVE as soon as possible to clear your machine from all intrusions.  Remember you personal information is always at risk if you have infections.  Those that you communicate with will also be at risk until you deal with your virus issues.

Contact us at 530 727 8816 so we can assist you with our remote services, or make an appointment for an on site visit.  HARD DRIVE‘S hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm. Drop us a line any time.



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