A preventative computer maintenance company serving Tehama, Butte, and Shasta Counties.  Be proactive not reactive and save time by not fixing your computer when you need it most.


Why is my WEB address harddrive321?


Deciding on a name or brand for a business is probably one of the more difficult choices you make in starting a business.  I was looking for a name that was easy, identifiable, and descriptive.  So why HARD DRIVE? It is generic, but descriptive. It’s recognizable and readily understood. It’s appropriate in that HARD DRIVE is not a bricks and mortar company nor is it a standard WEB based company.  HARD DRIVE is a go to you business, I start my engine and come to your home or business oreach out to you through the Internet.


321  was added because, honestly, someone else was using Hard Drive already. But 321 is a meaningful add-on because it has been my belief for many years that in order to do your job well you must understand fully three things about your trade.  For instance, as a photographer, it is imperative that you understand film speed, aperture, and shutter speed.  Anybody can take a picture but a professional knows how to manipulate the medium, how to finesse a result; a professional understands the probable outcome based on the three elements of controlling light combined with an understanding of different developers and different developing intervals. This was instrumental in my success as a professional photographer, but years later I was able to see how to apply this learned skill and philosophy to all aspects of my life.


After I left the construction industry I toyed with the idea of becoming a professional computer technician for several years.  At first it was just a means to get a full tank of gas every week.  I started by installing Internet access for people, almost like a hobby.  Later I realized that they also needed viruses removed from their computers.  For a while I worked in a friend’s computer store thinking that I would get bored with this kind of work only to find out that I really liked it.  Computer services fit my personality.


As I became interested and fascinated by the challenges of computer repair I started thinking about the business model.  I started thinking about how I would have liked a technician to handle me in my construction business.  It didn’t take long to realize how much time I lost due to  slow or inefficient computers.  It took less time to realize how a computer service could have brought value to my office, increased my productivity and added dollars to my bottom line.  In the process of thinking this through, I realized that computer businesses have been based on a break fix model.  This went against my basic instincts.  I had always been in businesses that were based on added value.  First as a photographer and then as a carpenter/contractor.  I didn’t like waiting for someone’s disaster to walk through the door.


In the first year of HARD DRIVE I searched for like minded individuals to partner with and companies that would support me in providing a preventative model, not the break fix model that we have become accustomed to.  I want to help change the way computers are viewed by my clients.  It is HARD DRIVE’S belief that computers should be given the respect and care to become a full fledged tool, and not be seen as the enemy – not when their importance, both in our personal lives and business lives has become mainstream and invaluable.


Mission Statement


Our goal is to be the solution.




Oct. 2009-Present: HARD DRIVE; Remote and On Site Computer Services, Tehama, Butte, and Shasta Counties

2006-2009: freelance Internet and computer technician, Tehama County


1978-2005: General Contractor, President,  Kitt Condrey-Miller Corp, San Francisco, CA


1975-1978: Carpenter, San Francisco, CA


1970-1975: President, Photomurals Inc., San Francisco, CA


Although I have been involved in the computer trade for only the last 5 years +, I started using computers as early as 1978 with one of the early Tandy Machines and in 1982 I bought my first business computer which was based on the original CPM operating system, The OS before the first DOS based machines came out.


In those days computers came with huge documentation and instruction manuals.  Good luck!  I remember it took me a whole year to understand the software enough to start taking advantage of its power.  Once I started I could see both in time saved and the response form my customers that I had made a good decision to use computers in my business model.  Immediately I saved over fifty percent of the time it took to produce a bid.  My customers were primarily located in the Silicon Valley involved in various technical businesses and very computer savvy.  They spoke spread sheet! My get rate went through the roof for the next couple of years before other small contractors started producing their own spread sheet bids.


This is all before Microsoft office before PDF’s, Adobe reader or any photo programs before video and Intranet, and long before viruses came on the scene to spoil our fun.  Also, long before affordable technical support was available.  It was a learn as you go environment and I was always a frustrated technician.


Until now, and now I love it.



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