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Design Document Questionnaire

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Please answer the following questions as completely as you can to assist us in creating  a design document for the

development of your website.

1. Describe your company and the industry you are involved in.  How does your company differ from others in the

industry?  What are your major concerns in your business & the industry?

2. What is the mission or purpose of the organization?  Please state your mission statement if you have one, as well

as any additional information to assist us in understanding your business purpose.

3. Who are your main competitors?  Do they have websites and if so, what are their addresses?  What do you like

and dislike about their sites?  What do their sites have that you do or don’t want on yours?

4. What are the short-term goals of the site?   What are your main reasons for building a site?  What do you see as

the goals for the next year?

5. What are the site’s long-term goals?   What are your future needs on the site 1-5 years from now?

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6. How will you measure this websites success?

7. What are your scheduling requirements?  What are your reasons for that schedule?

8. What is your website budget?  Please list both the financial limits and the time-commitment limits from your

business towards this project.

9. What is your budget for maintaining your website?  Please list a budget for domain name registration (annual),

web hosting (monthly), and updating.

10. What information do you want to be sure to include on your website?

11. Do you have any specific graphics you wish to be included on your site?  Please add which of these graphics you

will supply & which will need to be created for the site.

12. Why will people come to your site? What tasks will they want to perform on your site?

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13. Who are the intended audiences?  Who do you plan on using or seeing your site?

14. What goals do you have for each of your intended audiences?  What are the most important functions you wish to

provide for each type of user?

15. What kinds of customers do you cater to?  Please describe each type of customer.

16. What services can you not provide now that your website can assist you with?

17. Where will your website content come from?  Who will be providing the basic text?  What print materials do you

presently have?

18. How often do you see your site needing updating?  How do you plan to accomplish this?  Who will update for


19. If this were a magic website where anything was possible, what would you like your website to do?  Please list

any ideas you have remembering that this is a magic website in a perfect world.

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20. Please rank the following in order of importance to you from 1 to 10:

___ Building a core base of repeat visitors     ___ Time to market

___ Staying within budget ___ Ease of maintenance

___ Surpassing competitors websites ___ Finding new customers

___ Providing info for present customers ___ Ease of use

___ Projecting a quality image ___ Reinforcing marketing strategy

21. Homework phase:  The more time you put into this section of the questionnaire, the better able we are to assist

you with your site.  This phase is extremely important to the website project.  Please find the 3 best websites on

the web that describe each area listed below:

• Same target group of customers as your business

• Has the layout, colors, look, and feel you prefer

• Has similar content and quality to what you wish to provide your customers

• Has similar functions to what you want on your site

• Offers similar services to what you want such as community, discussion groups, polls, faqs, etc.

• Your personal favorite sites on the web in general and what you like about them

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