What the Apps?

HARD DRIVE introduces “What The Apps?” a monthly review on who offers what, what’s new, and what’s good.

Applications (Apps) have fast become the new standard.

Apps are everywhere, on our phones, our personal computers and our Pods, Pads and tablets.

Microsoft, in a few months,  will release  Windows 8.  The new Operating System’s (OS) most significant change will be the ability to take advantage of Apps and how those Apps are organized for ease of use.

Google has just released its first computer OS, beating Microsoft to the punch in an arena that was developed by Apple who has dominated the ease of use concept.

The two significant Chrome OS claims are its start up time, a blinding 8 seconds, along with no need for virus protection. And it will be able to take advantage of Apps that you might already have on your Android Phone.

Chrome is providing all of this and at an entry price point affordable to most, starting as low as  $299.99.  The Chrome OS is not limited to The Chrome Notebook (laptop) but is also going to be available for your existing desktop and all newer Android Phones.  Nothing will be stored on the device you are using.  Everything will be in the Google Cloud.  The implication is that you won’t be limited to the devices you own, you will be able to access your information and Apps with any device you are allowed to sign into, as well.

Windows 8 will have a similar ability allowing you access to your personal desktop where ever you might be with a specially prepared Flash Drive.  You will only be able to do this, however, with a computer that already has Windows 8 installed on it.  Staying with the Bill Gates/Microsoft motto, “I’m not sharing”, that has garnered substantial complaints and criticism from the public.

Needless to say, there is a war heating up. Apple, Google and Microsoft will now be fighting over OS dominance, fueled by OS speed, freedom of usage, and the ability to provide value to the customer.

Microsoft won’t be able to buy themselves out of this one.  All three of these behemoths have the finances to challenge each other on equal terms and may they all survive and give the public a real choice in the market place.  Finally, more than two, all with advantages and disadvantages over the other.

Thus, the APPS page here.  A Place where Microsoft, Apple, and now Google can be reviewed and judged as to their responsiveness to the market place and the continuing influences of technology.

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